Frequently Asked Questions



How do I choose a Surveyor?

Choose a Surveyor that has particular knowledge of your property. He may know things that no one else does.

Choose a Surveyor with a long history of work in your area.

Choose a surveyor with experience in performing the type of survey you need.

How much does a good Survey cost?

A lot less than a bad one!

The fees for surveying property vary widely depending on your particular needs. You should first choose the best surveyor for the job and then negotiate a fair fee.

What is a TOPO Survey?

A “Topo” or Topographic survey is the tool Engineers and Architects use in planning your project. It includes the location of the visible man made and natural features of your property. It may include the location of existing buildings, roads, access, waterways, levees, bridges, signs, utilities and other features you request. Typically it also requires that a grid or cross section of elevations be taken covering the site.

What in an ALTA Survey?

ALTA/ACSM (www.alta.org) Land Title Surveys are surveys performed with particular information in relation to title insurance company requirements. The ALTA standards make certain requirements of the surveyor and his client. Other requests that can be made of the surveyor at the client’s option are addressed in Table A of these standards.

Who can provide My Survey?

Only a Registered Professional Land Surveyor can sign a Land Survey.

What does a surveyor need from me?

He needs to know the purpose of the survey. This helps him help you, especially if there is some peculiarity to the property he has particular knowledge about.

He needs a “Legal Description” of the property to be surveyed. This describes the general location and title dimensions of the property.

He needs copies of old plats of your property also information about adjacent property is often very helpful if it is available.

A clear scope of work – stating what you need and expect from him and of the survey should be discussed.

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